Munstergroup Insurance is one of Irelands leading insurance brokers. With over 40,000 clients, we are committed to creating meaningful, efficient and effective communication channels, which customers and potential customers can use to contact us or learn more about the organisation.

To complement our regular communication channels, the organisation is present on a number of social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

This policy contains the rules and guidelines, which to adhere to when interacting with Munstergroup Insurance on social media platforms.

Moderation Policy

We welcome questions and commentary, including constructive feedback, however, for the comfort of all participants, it is expected that community members will behave in a reasonable way at all times.

Personal abuse, offensive and unlawful activity will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to remove posts and block any followers that do not adhere to these guidelines and/or that we deem to be the following:

  • Offensive, threatening, abusive or use obscene language (profanities and derogatory words) or content (images, video, links and so on)
  • Anything advising or suggesting activities that may be harmful or dangerous
  • Comments or posts deemed to be completely off-topic and not of any relevance or connection to the theme of the page
  • Potentially libellous accusations or statements
  • Any spam or content for unrelated service or products
  • Anything of an illegal or unlawful nature
  • Any content (copy or imagery) that violates copyright or license agreements
  • Any content that is disrespectful/offensive towards other community members or Munstergroup Insurance staff

Correspondence will not be entered into.

Privacy and Security Policies

To protect the privacy of our online community members and the privacy of others, no personal information should be posted to any of our social media pages. Users should also remember that they are subject to the terms and conditions of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Hours of Service

We monitor our social media profiles during office hours: Monday – Thursday 9am-5.15pm, Friday – 9.30am-5.15pm.

We aim to respond promptly to any queries during the above hours. For very urgent matters, please contact our marketing team at [email protected]


Please direct any queries regarding these guidelines to our marketing team at:
[email protected]