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Protecting your passion

Whether it’s your weekend warrior or a lovingly cared for restoration project, we know how much you love your classic car as we love ours just as much! Our specialist team shares your appreciation and enthusiasm for the vintage vehicle, and we are committed to getting you the cover you need at a great price.

We offer classic car insurance in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, so whether you’re from Tyrone or Tipperary, we can sort you out.

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Types of liability cover

Public/Product Liability

Public Liability covers your business against claims of injury or property damage to a third party.Product Liability is important to have to cover you against products that you have manufactured or supplied to a third party.

Employer Liability

As an employer you are legally obligated to have this policy in place to help pay compensation if an employee or indeed ex-employee sues you for injury or illness caused by their work.

Land Liability

If you own land, this policy covers you against exposure to claims as result of someone being injured on your land – even trespassers.

Property Owner Liability

If you are a landlord or a property owner, this policy covers you if a member of the public (including tenants) injures themselves on your property or damage is caused to another property.

What factors impact you getting a classic policy?

It’s important to note that there are some factors to take into account before applying for classic car insurance:
  • Driver Age –  Policyholders have to be over 25 years old (however certain risks may require policyholders to be 30 years old).
  • ROI Residents – A vehicle has to be 25+ years old; although consideration will be given on a bespoke basis.
  • NI Residents – A vehicle has to be 20+ years old; although consideration will be given on a bespoke basis.

Popular queries

  • 1. What do I need to get a car insurance quote?
  • 2. Things to tell us If your circumstances change
  • 3. Does my choice of car affect the cost of my policy?
When you get in touch for a car insurance quote, it is useful to have a few things to hand to help you get through the quote process as quickly as possible such as:
  • Your car details (Car registration, make, model and manufacturer, as well as its current market value and annual mileage)
  • Your personal details (the address where the vehicle will be kept, driving licence information, and any prior claims information)
  • Policy details (When you want your policy to start)
  • No Claims Discount (How many years you have with NCD)
Insurance providers provide customers with policies and premiums based on certain criteria such as postcode. If there are changes to some of this criteria, then it is really important to inform us right away as neglecting to inform your insurer could lead to problems if you need to make a claim and it could potentially invalidate your insurance altogether. This is called a Mid-Term Adjustment and whilst some changes may have no effect, others may affect your premium. It is important to tell us asap when you:
  • Move to a new house
  • Change your name
  • Need to add an additional driver
  • Your work address changes, or you switch occupation
  • Change where you park at night
  • Your annual mileage changes
  • Modify your vehicle
  • Receive a conviction
Sometimes it will mean that you need to be moved to another insurance provider but as your broker, we can assess the market and find a suitable alternative rather than being locked into a policy unfit for your needs.
Yes, the car you choose to drive will have an impact on your insurance premium. There is a number of factors that insurers will take into account including:
  • Year, Make and Model of the car
  • Engine Size
  • Car Group
  • Safety Rating
  • Cost of repair and availability of parts
  • Modification History

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